Our Pancreas-Biliary-Esophageal and Interventional Endoscopy Clinic comprises a team of highly trained physicians who are respected both locally and nationally for their capabilities, expertise, research, and innovation.

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We provide an expert and coordinated approach to the diagnosis and treatment of the disorders of the pancreas, biliary system and esophagus, as well as world class diagnostic and advanced therapeutic endoscopy.

This group is dedicated to using innovative technology and championing clinical advances through research in the diagnosis and treatment of these digestive diseases.

This group includes Drs. Charles E. Dye, MD; Matthew T. Moyer, MD; Abraham Mathew, MD; John Levenick, MD; Thomas J. McGarrity, MD; Jennifer Maraanki, MD; and physician assistant Brandon Headlee, PA-C.

We provide both general care and highly specialized tertiary diagnosis and treatment for these conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the pancreas, biliary system, and esophagus
  • Screening, diagnosis, and treatment of precancerous and certain cancerous conditions of the entire gastrointestinal tract. Treatment of cancerous conditions includes endoscopic treatment of early mucosal cancers and the collaboration with appropriate Penn State Cancer Institute Groups, such as the Liver Pancreas Foregut Group and Colorectal Surgery, in the evaluation and treatment of more advanced GI cancerous conditions
  • The Pancreatic Cyst Evaluation and Surveillance Clinic
  • Specializing in leading edge Interventional Endoscopy (Therapeutic Endoscopy) procedures, many of which are not available at other institutions
  • The combined GI Interventional Endoscopy and Colorectal Surgery Clinic

Our team excels in the evaluation and treatment of patients who suffer from complex or high risk digestive disorders, and is committed to a multidisciplinary method of care for these patients where physicians work in a coordinated manner so that patients receive the best treatment options and outcomes. 

Excellence in the care of patients with complex, high risk or advanced gastrointestinal disease requires the combined work of gastroenterologists, hepatologists, surgeons, oncologists, interventional radiologists, pathologists, as well as expert hospitalist and specialty services for those patients who require a transition to inpatient care.

Our clinical expertise, innovative research, and state of the art technology are allowing us to reach new heights in delivering exceptional care, conducting groundbreaking research, and providing innovative education and training as we serve the patients of central Pennsylvania.

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To schedule an appointment, sign in to My Penn State Hershey Health or call 717-531-4950 (outpatient consultations) or 717-531-8364 (procedures).