Dov A. Bader, MD – Publications

Koffler KM, Bader DA, Eager MR, Kelly JD, IV
The effect of posterior capsule tightness on glenohumeral translation in the late-cocking phase: A cadaver study 
Journal of Sports Rehabilitation 2007; 16(1): 41-49 and personally presented at 21st Annual Arthroscopy Association of North America meeting, in April 2002, Washington, DC

Bader DA, Hartris MJ, Mihalko WM, Anders MJ
Evaluation of pressure drop in induced compartment syndrome after treatment with standard fasciotomy or pie crusting: A cadaveric study 
Poster presentation in October 2006 at the 22nd annual meeting of the Orthopaedic Trauma Association, Phoenix, AZ

Breslow MJ, Andrews WJ, Eager MR, Bader DA, Moyer RA, Kelly JD, IV
Low anterior-inferior 5 o'clock portal for shoulder arthroscopy 
Presented April 2003 at the 22nd annual Arthroscopy Association of North America meeting, Phoenix, AZ

Bisson L, Bader DA, Fineberg MS
External Humeral Rotation does not Change the Ultimate Tensile Load of the Intact Human Supraspinatus: A Biomechanical Study 
Under review for publication