Art Walking Tour: Stop 9

Rotunda Cafe Corridor

110 steps

Continue walking straight through the library and exit through the doors to go outside. Once outside, turn left to enter the hospital. After the automatic doors, turn left.

Part of a piece of art is seen. It is Joe Gascho, Hummelstown, Pa., Staff Portraits, 2015 - ongoing, photography.

Joe Gascho, Hummelstown, Pa., Staff Portraits, 2015 - ongoing, photography

“What one usually sees in prominent hallways in hospitals are portraits of the department heads, founding physician fathers and mothers and board presidents. Important as these persons are, without the people who clean the floors, keep the air conditioners cooling, transport people from parking garages to front doors and patients from rooms to laboratories, chip off peeling paint and put new color on walls, register patients and feed visitors in cafeterias, hospitals would not be able to care for anyone."

"The purpose of this project is to emphasize, through photographs, the importance of persons working in the hospital in these critical supporting roles - in the same attire as that of people traditionally featured on the walls of hospitals. Here, each person holds an object symbolic of the vital job she or he does.”

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