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When it comes to bone and joint conditions, no two patients are alike. Our specialists develop a specific treatment and rehabilitation plan that best meets each patient's needs.  

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Infections rarely occur after knee replacement or hip replacement. When they do occur, they are typically treated by a team of doctors including an orthopaedic surgeon, an infectious disease specialist, and the patient’s medical doctor. Bacteria are capable of attaching to metal or plastic implants and antibiotics alone are not capable of curing an infection involving an implant. Cure requires surgical removal of the involved implant with placement of a temporary spacer or temporary implant. Most patients are placed on IV antibiotics for up to 6 weeks.

With the use of appropriate surgical management and a multi-disciplinary approach, most patients with joint related infections are successfully cured of their infection.

Penn State Health Bone and Joint Institute combines convenient services such as therapy, radiology, and prosthetics with our surgeon consultation areas. An integrated, multidisciplinary approach combines a team of dedicated physician assistants, orthopaedic nurses, anesthesia teams, and physical therapists to ensure a safe and appropriately brief hospital stay. Weekly joint replacement education classes prepare patients for their pre-operative, hospital, and rehabilitation experiences.

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