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One in eight women develop breast cancer

The right care makes a difference

Our goal is to save lives through early detection, state of the art imaging and cancer therapies. At Penn State Breast Center, we’re dedicated to serving you—our number one priority—and your family. We provide breast health support, education, and coordination of services for women of all ages and their families. Our multidisciplinary center provides advanced testing and treatment for benign and malignant breast disease.

Eight Reasons why you can trust us with your breast care

  1. Confidence. Our Penn State Health Radiologists, who read your mammogram, are specialized and dedicated to breast imaging; part of a comprehensive team working together to prevent and treat breast cancer. It makes a difference.
  2. Caring, compassionate staff. The technologists performing your mammogram are specialized and attend to your individual needs. It makes a difference
  3. Early detection for better outcomes. Tomosynthesis, or 3D mammography, is available to detect even more cancers before they are big enough to be felt on a physical breast exam. It makes a difference.
  4. State of the art. We offer automated whole breast ultrasound and breast MRI. These ground breaking imaging can better detect more cancers in certain groups of women. It makes a difference.
  5. Convenient and comprehensive. Same day results. If additional imaging is necessary after screening, we complete all needed evaluations in the same visit. It makes a difference.
  6. Proactive approach. For those suspected to be of high-risk, the Breast Center has a dedicated Risk Assessment Clinic to manage those special needs. It makes a difference.
  7. Community. With our Healthy Woman Program, we assist those who do not have health insurance through a partnership with the PA State Department of Health. It makes a difference.
  8. Research. We are a community of scientists and researchers that create knowledge for better breast health. It makes a difference.

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