Cancer Institute – Research and Clinical Trials

Our Mission

Penn State Cancer Institute seeks to discover, develop and disseminate scientific knowledge from basic, clinical and population-based investigations.

This is done in order to influence and enhance groundbreaking, compassionate cancer care, education, innovation and integrated collaborative research for the shared purpose of decreasing the impact of cancer in central Pennsylvania and beyond.

We have a particular focus on improving access to screenings, preventative measures and care among underserved rural Appalachian residents.

About the Big 10 Cancer Research Consortium

The Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium creates a unique team-research culture to drive science rapidly from ideas to treatment-changing paradigms. Within this innovative environment, research leaders from Penn State Cancer Institute and other Big Ten universities collaborate with and mentor the research leaders of tomorrow with the unified goal of improving the lives of all patients with cancer. Watch a video here.

The Big Ten Cancer Consortium Logo shows the phrase B1G in stylized large type with Cancer Research Consortium underneath it.