Care at Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

Adults who may have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can be  evaluated for this condition at Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. If we find that you have ADHD, our treatment programs can help you manage your symptoms and lead an active, productive life.

We use a number of treatments to help adults with ADHD. 


Several therapies or counseling treatments can greatly reduce ADHD symptoms. For example, a form of therapy called skill-based cognitive-behavioral therapy may decrease problem behaviors and increase your ability to follow instructions.


Medicines are the most common way to treat ADHD in adults. Many of the same drugs used for children with ADHD can help adults as well.
These drugs can make a big difference. For example, they can help adults with ADHD focus on one task and ignore distractions. They also help you manage impulsive behavior such as interrupting and making rash decisions.


You can get help for ADHD at one of these locations:

Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Psychiatry Program 
22 Northeast Drive (across from the Tanger Outlets)
Hershey, PA 17033

Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute
Adult Outpatient Services
2501 N. Third Street
Harrisburg, PA
717-782-6493 or 866-746-2496

Groups, Classes & Support

Services for adults with ADHD are updated often. To find out what is available now, please call 717-531-8338.

You can also find resources, such as an ADHD helpline, from Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD)

Research & Clinical Trials

At Milton S. Hershey Medical Center we are working hard to learn more about ADHD. We strive to find more treatment options to improve the lives of people with this condition. You can help by joining a research study.

A variety of studies are underway that look at how ADHD affects adults. We are also studying treatments for ADHD in adults as well as the impact parents with ADHD have on children.

Visit StudyFinder to learn about our current clinical  research.  

Symptoms, Diagnosis & Outlook


People with ADHD can be inattentive, hyperactive and impulsive. These symptoms usually start before the age of 12. Symptoms may decline with age, but most people with ADHD still have some difficulties as adults. This can include problems with organizing, planning and managing time. People with ADHD may also be impatient and restless.


ADHD is found in about 4 to 6 percent of adults. At Hershey Medical Center, we provide a complete evaluation for this condition.

There are no imaging or blood tests that can diagnose ADHD. Instead, you’ll talk with a specialist about your symptoms. This can include questions about when your symptoms began and how they affect your daily life. The specialist will also ask if you have these symptoms in at least two settings, such as at work and at home. This is an important part of an ADHD diagnosis.

It can also be helpful to get information from someone who knows you well such as a family member or partner. Also, since many adults with ADHD also have other mental health issues. You will be screened for depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions.

Some people are asked to return for a second appointment. In this session, a licensed clinical psychologist will guide you through performance-based testing.


Exams & Diagnostic Tests

Treatments for adults with ADHD can work very well. Talk therapies, such as behavioral or counseling treatments, may help improve function for adults with ADHD. Many medicines have been well studied and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treating ADHD. These treatments can help adults with ADHD control their problem behaviors and improve their everyday lives.

We can help

For more information or to make an appointment,
call our Hershey outpatient clinic at


To contact the Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute in Harrisburg, call

866-746-2496 or 717-782-6493