Center for Endometriosis and Female Pelvic Pain

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Offering help and hope for a common and complex condition

One in 10 women live with endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain. If you are one of them, Penn State Health’s Center for Endometriosis and Female Pelvic Pain is here for you.

Endometriosis can be complex to diagnose, treat and manage. In fact, many women suffer for years with severe cramps and other symptoms before the condition is correctly identified — and often for years afterward. They may be told incorrectly that pregnancy or time will “cure” them, or that nothing can be done.

Our team is committed to changing that — through advanced surgical and clinical care, provider education and clinical research.

We offer the region’s most advanced specialized care for endometriosis — from minimally invasive robotic and laparoscopic surgery to complete excisional surgery for deep infiltrating endometriosis. We perform more robotic surgeries than any other gynecology department in the region. Our multidisciplinary team can manage the most complex cases. 


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