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Nursing - Student Nurse Externships

Two nurses are pictured working on computers while seated at a unit workstation.

A unique learning experience

The summer Nurse Externship is a 10-week program designed for bachelor's degree nursing students entering their senior year. The externship gives nursing students an opportunity to work directly with the nursing team. During the externship you will begin with a two-week orientation including both classroom and clinical components, in which the nurse extern performs basic bedside care and selected nursing procedures. Opportunities may also exist for extra educational programs offered by Nursing Education and Professional Development. 

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To learn more about our student nurse externship program, speak with a nurse recruiter.

717-531-0003, ext. 287812
Nurse Recruitment

Frequently asked questions about nurse externships

General externship questions

Must I be currently enrolled in a bachelor's degree program in nursing?
Yes, this is a requirement of the Nurse Externship program.

Is this a paid externship?
Yes. An extern is paid $13/hour.

Questions about the application process

How do I apply?
We will be accepting applications through our careers website at beginning Sept. 1.

I am a current employee. How do I apply?
Apply through the Pulse portal as an internal applicant.

Besides completing the online application, what else will I need to do? 
Once your application is submitted, you may email your professional portfolio to Kiersten Roberts and complete your references through an electronic reference check company called Checkster.

The professional portfolio includes the following documents:

  • Resume – Include all education and experience, including dates.
  • Cover letter – Start with “Dear Nurse Manager,” and introduce yourself and your goals.
  • Unofficial transcript – This can be found on your school's website.

For the quickest and most accurate result, please convert each document to PDF format and attach them to an email addressed to Kiersten Roberts. You will need to label the documents in the following format (include the letters a, b and c):

  • a- cover letter – Last name, first name
  • b- resume – Last name, first name
  • c- transcript – Last name, first name

Do I need written references from my professors?

No. We will not accept written references. You will be sent information from a company called Checkster that will guide you through submitting electronic reference checks.

Questions regarding interviews

On what criteria is the hiring decision made?
Different hiring managers will place varying degrees of emphasis on hiring criteria, but in general they look at past experience, references and interview score. They are seeking applicants who will bring a positive influence to their team.

What can I do to prepare for the interview? 
Research Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and the nursing unit. Scrubs should be worn to your interview.

When will selections be made?
Selections will be made soon after all interviews are complete.

Questions regarding externship details

What will my duties be as an Extern?
You will work and learn under the direction of an RN preceptor to deliver primary patient care.

What shift will I be working?
Nurse externs work varied shifts. Full time status must be maintained during the entire externship.

Will there be time available for vacations?
This is a ten-week program, running from May to July, and externs are expected to be available during the entire program.

Is on-campus housing available?
Housing is available on campus for a fee. For details, visit our housing website. Students are fully responsible for the coordination of housing accommodations.

What uniforms will I need?
Uniforms are navy scrub pants and a gray polo (purchased through a preferred vendor). Detailed information will be provided prior to the start date.

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