Approximately 3 million adults and children within the US have Celiac Disease. It is an immune mediated condition that manifests clinically in genetically predisposed people who ingest gluten.

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In celiac disease, gluten – found in wheat, barley and rye – affects the lining of the small intestine and predisposes to malabsorption of nutrients and multiple vitamins. There are various symptoms and over time, it can lead to bone disease. It is also associated with several conditions, including osteoporosis, depression, thyroid disease and foggy thinking. Other associated conditions include anemia, refractory celiac disease and very rarely, intestinal lymphoma.

Patients diagnosed with celiac disease need expert care and guidance to help navigate their dietary and treatment options and manage the disorder, as well as associated nutritional problems. 

At Penn State Celiac Clinic, you receive coordinated care provided by a comprehensive team that includes:

  • Gastroenterologist for diagnosis and medical care
  • Registered dietitian for guidance on a gluten-free diet plan 
  • Celiac community support organization

Together, this group will work closely with you through diagnosis, dietary changes, genetic concerns, cancer risks and disease management of celiac disease.



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