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17 Hydroxypregnenolone

Test Name: 17 Hydroxypregnenolone
Alternate Description: 17 OH Pregnenolone, Progesterone, 17-Alpha-Hydroxy
LIS Code: 17PRGP
Lab Section:

Specimen Processing Area Sent to Quest Laboratories

Fluid Type:


Minimum Volume:

2 ml serum

Specimen Tube Type Transport:

Non Gel Red Top

Container (Whole Blood Required):

7 ml whole blood in a Non Gel Red Top

Specimen Transport:


Specimen Preparation (In House):

Spin separate and freeze until analysis.

Specimen Preparation (Outreach):

Spin within 4 hours of collection, separate serum into plastic 12 X 75 pour-off tube. Cap with red plastic stopper. Freeze until courier pickup.

Reference Value:

Reference range accompanies report.