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Culture, AFB - Body Fluids (Sterile Sources)

Test Name: Culture, AFB - Body Fluids (Sterile Sources)
Alternate Description:
LIS Code:
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Fluid Type:

Body fluids

Minimum Volume:

Fluids: 2 ml

Test Includes:

Smear included with Culture

Container (Microbiology):

Body fluids (CSF, Bile Fluid, Pleural Fluid, Culdecentesis Fluid, Dialysis Fluid, Hydrocele Fluid, Joint Fluid), Bone or Tissue in sterile container. Obtain media from microbiology at (717) 531-8189 for bone marrow aspirate.

Transport Time:

Deliver to lab within 1 hour of collection; not refrigerate

Additional Test Information:

CSF for AFB processed only with approval of the medical director (717) 531-8189. Bone Marrow aspirate inoculated by physician at bedside.

Specimen Stability:

2 hours, if refrigerated

Specimen Transport:


Test Results:

Negative or positive for AFB. DNA probe performed on positive cultures for identification of M.tuberculosis, M.avium-intracellulare complex and M.gordonae. Further identification performed if all probes are negative. Susceptibility testing is available through reference lab.


24 hours a day, seven days a week

Test Turnaround Time Routines And Stats:

Specimens held for 6 weeks before finalized as negative

Critical Value:

Positive for AFB

Reference Value:

No AFB isolated