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Epstein Barr Virus DNA Quantitative

Test Name: Epstein Barr Virus DNA Quantitative
Alternate Description:
Lab Section:


Fluid Type:

Whole Blood

Minimum Volume:

2.0 ml

Specimen Tube Type Transport:

Lavender Top

Container (Whole Blood Required):

1 full lavender Top Tube of whole blood. Cannot be shared with any other test

Additional Test Information:

Lavender tube-Please draw SEPARATE lavender tube. Cannot be shared with other tests

Test Method: Real Time PCR. Limit of quantification <500 copies/ml and <2.7 Log  Significant change +/- 2 Log

Specimen Transport:

Room temperature

Test Results:

Numerical value (copies/ml) and Log Value


6 Days a week

Specimen Preparation (In House):

Transport specimen at room temperature

Reference Value:

Normal Range: EBV DNA not detected