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RBC Fragility

Test Name: RBC Fragility
Alternate Description: Osmotic Fragility
LIS Code:
Lab Section:

Specimen Processing Area

Fluid Type:

Whole Blood

Minimum Volume:

5 ml whole blood

Specimen Tube Type Transport:

Sodium Heparin Non Gel Green Top

Container (Whole Blood Required):

10 ml whole blood in a Sodium heparin Non Gel Green Top

Additional Test Information:

Specify Incubated under Special Instructions on request form. Available Monday through Thursday, only. Must be received in the lab by 14:00 hours

Specimen Stability:

72 hours if refrigerated

Specimen Transport:



Setup: Mon - Fri

Test Turnaround Time Routines And Stats:

Report available: 2 days

Specimen Preparation (In House):

Keep whole blood refrigerated until shipped

Reference Value:

Accompanies report