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Renal Pelvis - Cytology

Test Name: Renal Pelvis - Cytology
Alternate Description:
LIS Code:
Lab Section:


Fluid Type:


Test Includes:

Screening and diagnostic interpretation

Transport Time:

Deliver to the lab as soon as possible at room temperature

Specimen Transport:

Deliver specimens to the Clinical Laboratory Specimen Processing Area on the ground level of main hospital.


7 AM to 10 PM weekdays/ Technical staff is not available from 10 PM to 7AM on weekdays, weekends or holidays.

Stat Availability:

STAT requests should be kept to a minimum. All STAT requests must be approved by a staff pathologist, and the cytology laboratory notified as soon as possible whenever a STAT is anticipated.

Specimen Preparation (In House):

See pages 106 through 109 of the on-line Laboratory Policy Manual.