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T Cell Subset

Test Name: T Cell Subset
Alternate Description:
Lab Section:

Specimen Processing Area

Fluid Type:

Whole Blood

Minimum Volume:

3 ml whole blood

Test Includes:

CD3, CD4, and CD8

Specimen Tube Type Transport:

Sodium Heparin Green Top Tube

Container (Whole Blood Required):

3 ml whole blood in a Sodium Heparin Green Top Tube

Additional Test Information:

For all other CD# requests not listed above, contact Ginny Hand (717) 51-5741 or the Special Hematology Department at (717) 531-8559

Specimen Stability:

24 hours

Specimen Transport:

Room Temperature

Test Turnaround Time Routines And Stats:

4 days after reception of specimen

Specimen Preparation (Outreach):

Do not spin. Keep at room temperature until courier pickup.

Reference Value:

Accompanies report