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T3 Quantitative

Test Name: T3 Quantitative
Alternate Description: Total T3
LIS Code:
Lab Section:


Fluid Type:


Minimum Volume:

0.5 ml whole blood

Specimen Tube Type Transport:

The preferred sample is one full 7mL Gel Green Top tube, serum (red-top) is also acceptable

Container (Whole Blood Required):

3 ml whole blood in Gel Green Top

Specimen Stability:

7 days refrigerated at 2-8°C

Specimen Transport:



7 days per week

Test Turnaround Time Routines And Stats:

4 hours

Specimen Preparation (In House):

Spin and refrigerate until analysis

Specimen Preparation (Outreach):

Spin within 4 hours of collection. Refrigerate until courier pickup.

Reference Value:

Male/Female and all ages the same: 80-200 ng/dL