Close-up photo of the Penn State Nitanny Lion statue

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Prescription Assistance Staff Positively Impact the IBD Experience

Our IBD Center is fortunate to benefit from the hard work and efforts of our prescription assistance staff. Jodi Brown and Shauna Ventress stay up to date on all the programs available to help our patients obtain IBD medications, many of which are expensive. Patients who are uninsured or underinsured can have trouble getting these vitally important drugs, so Jodi and Shauna work with our IBD nursing team to identify patients with financial barriers. They meet with each patient, identify their current coverage, obtain the necessary documents and signatures and then apply for patient assistance. Our patients are eternally grateful for their efforts. Our program would struggle with the multistep process Jodi and Shauna complete for these patients. In an age where insurance struggles and obtaining medications have become an uphill battle, we are fortunate to have them on our team.

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Jodi Brown and Shauna Ventress are pictured standing outdoors behind a statue of the Penn State Nittany Lion
Jodi Brown and Shauna Ventress