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Penn State Health is dedicated to serving the health care needs of our community. We partner with referring providers to offer excellent patient care for the residents of central Pennsylvania.

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Our ear nose and throat experts are here to work with you to serve the residents of Central Pennsylvania.

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We welcome patient referrals. You may also use our Find a Physician and Find a Practice directories for easy reference. It will help you and your staff find any Penn State Health specialist and otolaryngology practice location, along with the contact information you need.

For Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery

Phone: 717-531-6822
Fax records to: 717-531-6160

For Facial Nerve Disorders Clinic

Phone: 717-531-1405
Fax records to: 717-531-6160

For Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Phone: 717-531-1386
Fax records to: 717-531-6160

For Lime Springs Specialties in Lancaster County

Phone: 800-243-1455
Fax records to: 717-531-6160

Referring physicians

To transfer or refer a patient, please call 717-531-6822