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Cochlear Implant Program

The Cochlear Implant team at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center includes audiologists, speech therapists, social workers and developmental pediatrics. We work together with children and their families to create an individualized plan for each child.

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Close-up view of patient wearing a Cochlear implant
A cochlear implant helps patients with hearing loss. Our team of surgeons and speech therapists provide support for patents with cochlear implants.

Cochlear implant in infants for remarkable speech development

To improve speech development, children who are born with severe to profound hearing loss must be aided, using hearing aids, before or by the age of six months. If hearing aid placement is not helpful, cochlear implants can be indicated by the age of one year. Such timely treatments are essential for the development of speech, as well as the ability to understand speech.

Referring physicians

To transfer or refer a patient, please call 717-531-6822

Cochlear implants give one-year-old gift of sound

Multidisciplinary team expertise

The Cochlear Implant team at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital consists of two surgeons – Dr. Huseyin Isildak, our nuero/otologist, and Dr. Jason May, our pediatric otolaryngologist, a team of audiologists, speech therapists, social workers and developmental pediatrics. We work together with children and their families to determine the appropriateness of cochlear implantation, the availability of resources and implementation of rehabilitation for each child.

  • Assess the need
  • Confirm candidacy
  • Select a device
  • Implantation surgery
  • Follow up care
  • Patient and family education 

Patients with hearing loss are immediately evaluated to determine the need for a cochlear implant. The relationship with the patient continues beyond identification of hearing loss and surgical implantation to include a post-operative programming session, evaluation of progress, and speech therapy. The cochlear implant team works closely with other ancillary services within or outside of the institution to ensure the patient and family are receiving the appropriate care and services. 

Cochlear Implant Support Group

The Audiology Department sponsors Pediatric and Adult Cochlear Implant Support Group Meetings. These meetings are open to all Cochlear Implant recipients, their families and friends. Our group provides unbiased information regarding the realistic expectations with implants, and offers support for post- activation aural rehabilitation.

Please call the Audiology Department at 717-531-7171 for further information.