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Radiology – Health Physics

Radiology – Health Physics

The Division of Health Physics manages both the radiation safety and the medical physics imaging program throughout Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.


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The Health Physics Division is responsible for conducting both the radiation safety and the medical physics imaging program throughout Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. Our purpose is twofold. First to ensure radiation safety for radiation users, whether they are biomedical researchers experimenting with substances labeled with radioisotopes, medical professionals utilizing radiation for diagnosis or therapy, or patients benefiting from the use of radiation sources to improve their health. Secondly, to provide the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center with a team of medical physics imaging expertise to ensure that all radiographic imaging equipment have the lowest radiation dose and the best clinical image possible.

For consultation, please call the Health Physics office at 717-531-8027.

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Safety and radiation dosage monitoring

Our team is specially trained to use the lowest radiation dose that will produce the highest quality images.


  • Steven H. King, CHP, CMHP – Senior Instructor and Director, Division of Health Physics
  • Michael C. Erdman, CHP, CMHP – Senior Instructor, Associate Health Physicist
  • Karen L. Brown, CHP, DABR – Senior Instructor, Associate Health Physicist
  • Bryan E. Achey, RRPT – Associate Health Physicist
  • Brian J. Lorah, CHP – Associate Health Physicist
  • Steven P. Leibig, RRPT – Health Physics Specialist 
  • Kim Powell – Health Physics Specialist
  • Heather H. Barber – Administrative Support Assistant
  • Becky A. Robertson – Administrative Support Assistant


  • Consultation to physicians and researchers
  • Routine monitoring for individuals and the working environment
  • Management of the radioactive waste disposal system
  • Medical physics imaging services
  • Radiation emergency response
  • Instruction of staff and students in various aspects of radiation safety, including:
    • Radiation Safety Procedures
    • Instrumentation and Radiation Detection
    • Radiology equipment operation and safety
    • Statistics of Radiation Counting
    • Radiation Biology
    • Radiation/Radioisotope Experimental Design
    • Radiation Emergency Response
    • Rules and Regulations
    • Licensing
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