Radiology – Lung Cancer Screening

Screening tests look for cancer before a person has any symptoms. Lung cancer screening can find cancer before it has had a chance to spread.

Lung Cancer Screening

Lung cancer screening is beneficial for adults ages 55 to 80 who meet certain conditions. That includes current smokers who have smoked the equivalent of at least one pack of cigarettes per day for 30 years. Former smokers with the same smoking history also qualify if they have quit within the past 15 years.

Our experienced, dedicated team includes highly trained technologists and board-certified, subspecialty-trained radiologists. We will evaluate your health and assess your lung cancer risk. If your risk warrants it, we will screen your lungs with a low-dose CT scan.


Prior to the visit, a nurse practitioner will call to discuss your risk assessment and explain the screening process. If you smoke, we can help you with smoking cessation counseling and treatment.


At your visit, you will meet with the nurse and discuss risks and benefits of screening. You’ll need to sign the consent form to take part in the program, which includes being part of a patient registry.

Including your interview and prep, the screening takes about 30 minutes. You can choose to get your results by phone or wait a short time to talk with a team member.


Our team will review and interpret for you the results of your CT scan. Screening CT scans are extremely sensitive and detect small spots in the lungs of about 25 percent of people screened. However, more than 95 percent of these are NOT cancer. Spots that may be of concern are reviewed by our team, which may recommend further testing.

If any disease is found, we will recommend how to manage it. We also share your test results with your primary care providers and monitor your care and progress.

ACR Designation

American College of Radiology Designated Lung Cancer Screening Center