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Learn about the Department of Radiology’s specialties, the procedures we provide, and what to expect at your appointment.

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Committed to patient education

We understand it may be your first time undergoing a radiology procedure and you may not be familiar with how it can benefit you. We invite you to learn more about the exams and services that we offer across our locations and how to prepare for your upcoming appointment.

We are primarily a diagnostic center, which means we use medical images—often called studies—to help your primary care physician or specialist identify a specific condition or disease.

We also provide radiology procedures and treatments, a specialty called interventional radiology. Interventions we offer include ablations, biopsies, drainages, and injections. 

Clinical exams and services


Learn more about radiology – This website provides general explanations of radiology exams and services, but the specific procedures may have differences from those offered at our medical center. Do not rely on this website resource for medical advice. Always ask for exam or procedure preparation requirements directly from your ordering or primary physician that may be specific to your medical history, and be sure to ask the physicians, nurses and technologists any questions you may have about how services will be performed at your appointment.

Getting exam results

Your exam results are read by a board-certified doctor typically within 48 hours. They are usually available electronically to in-network providers immediately after this. Learn more about getting exam results.

Requesting medical records

To request your medical records, you’ll need to submit an authorization form to our Health Information Services (HIS) department. Learn more about requesting medical records.

You may also use the My Health Patient Portal to obtain medical test results, find information about upcoming appointments, and communicate with physicians electronically.

Safety and radiation dosage monitoring

Radiation exposure carries some health risks. We’re committed to getting the most detailed medical imaging possible while keeping doses low.

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