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SoundHealth Podcast Featuring Dr. Niraj Gusani

Pancreatic cancer is typically aggressive. Yet it causes few or no symptoms until the late stages. As with many forms of cancer, there is hope for a cure when it's caught early. And there are many promising treatments for those with pancreatic cancer at any stage. 

Dr. Niraj Gusani heads the Program for Liver, Pancreas and Foregut Tumors at the Penn State Cancer Institute. Listen as Dr. Gusani discusses pancreatic cancer as part of National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

Liver Cancer: A Matter of Facts on abc27

About 75,000 men and women will face a diagnosis of liver cancer in the United States this year. When detected early, there is a greater chance of successful treatment. In ABC 27's “Liver Cancer: A Matter of Facts,” you’ll hear from survivors and liver cancer specialists from Penn State Cancer Institute. Learn more about risk factors, diagnosis, the latest treatments and prevention.

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