Thoracic Surgery - Patient Education and Resources

The Division of Thoracic Surgery at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center offers a number of programs and resources to educate our patients about their condition and help others prevent lung cancer and other thoracic diseases.

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Conversations LIVE: Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the number one cause of cancer deaths in both men and women worldwide. While cigarette smoking is the principal risk for developing lung cancer, it's not the only one.

Watch this episode of “Conversations LIVE” as Dr. Michael Reed and Dr. Jennifer Toth discuss symptoms, treatment, and prevention.

Radon's Link to Lung Cancer

Each year, radon kills more people than home fires, drowning, falls, or drunk driving. It is the number one cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers, taking approximately 21,000 lives annually.

Even though there are plenty of ways to decrease exposure to the radioactive element that results from the decay of uranium, many people aren't aware of their risk or options. Learn more about radon’s link to lung cancer.

Central Pennsylvania Free to Breathe

This is a non-profit organization united in the belief that every person with lung cancer deserves a cure.

Visit their Facebook page or their website for more information.

The Patient Guide to Heart, Lung, and Esophageal Surgery

A website presented by cardiothoracic surgeons committed to improving patient care. Learn more.

Behind the Hands

Meet thoracic surgeon Michael Reed, MD, and find out what he loves about his job and what inspires him, in this video interview.