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We offer patient care for all diseases and conditions involving the urinary tract. We specialize in treating patients with urinary tract and genital cancers; urinary stone disease; enlarged prostate and voiding dysfunction; benign diseases of the kidney, bladder, and prostate; infertility; impotence; and pediatric urology. 

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What is a Blue Light Cystoscopy (BLC) with Cysview®?

In the earliest stages of bladder cancer, cancer cells are located on the surface layer of the bladder wall. Identifying this kind of cancer, which is called non-muscle invasive bladder cancer, requires a correct and thorough evaluation, and diagnosis is a key component of successful treatment. Understanding the stage and grade of the cancer is essential to deciding the best treatment path.
To diagnose this disease, surgeons inspect the inside of the bladder using a long, thin tube called a cystoscope that includes a video camera on the end. In the past, the only option was white light cystoscopes, which do not always easily show tumors or cancerous lesions.

BLC with Cysview® is a technology that significantly improves the detection of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer. Cysview is an imaging solution. About 2 ounces of the solution is placed in the bladder one hour prior to the cystoscopic procedure using a catheter. Cysview is absorbed by cancerous tissue. The doctor performs the cystoscopy using both white light and blue light. When the doctor switches to blue light, cancerous tumors become more visible and additional tumors may be revealed, making it easier for doctors to identify and remove them. Using BLC with Cysview in conjunction with white light allows the doctor to see more tumors than with standard white light cystoscopy alone.

Can Anyone Get BLC with Cysview?

BLC with Cysview is recommended for any patient whose doctor suspects or knows that he or she has bladder cancer lesions based on a previous cystoscopy.